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Bluebeam Revu 21.0.50 Feature Release

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Bluebeam Revu 21.0.50 Feature Release

Bluebeam, the industry leader in PDF-based solutions for the AEC industry, has recently unveiled its latest update, Bluebeam Revu 21.0.50. This feature release promises to revolutionise how professionals handle data accuracy and workflow efficiency, precisely addressing users' technical needs.

What's New in the Latest Update?

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to use new features in Revu 21.0.50.

The latest updates in this Bluebeam release for Revu 21 are targeted towards making your workflows more seamless and efficient. Let’s look at the critical new updates in action.

Markups & Measurements Enhancements

Multiply Feature

The "Multiply" feature is a new feature in Bluebeam Revu 21.0.50. This feature allows users to create precise offset copies of markups and measurements. You can specify the direction, rotation, distance at scale, the number of copies, and even preview before placing them on your document. This is a game-changer for architects and engineers working on complex AEC designs with multiple similar markups or measurements. For instance, if you are designing a floor plan and need to replicate a specific element multiple times, you can now do so with precision and ease.

To use the Multiply feature:

Step 1 - Create a markup or measurement.


Step 2 - Right-click on your markup. Then click “Multiply” from the menu.


Step 3 - In the “Multiply” dialog box, you can set the Direction (w.r.t the original markup), Distance (from the original markup), Unit (for distance), and Copies (number of multiplied markups you want to create) of the resultant markup(s)/measurement(s).


Step 4 - Click “OK”, and your resultant markups will be created.


Custom Captions

Introducing “Custom Captions” enhances how you document your measurements. You can now customize measurement captions using data from your Markups List columns. You can display information from Revu’s columns or values from your custom columns. For example, in a construction project, you can create custom captions to display the dimensions and material type, which can be crucial for material procurement and quality control.

To create custom captions:

Step 1 - Select the markup or measurement you want to create custom captions for.


Step 2 - Go to the Properties and type “<<” in the Label section. You will get the list of available markup data from your Markups List in the dropdown.Bluebeam_Latest_Update_06

Step 3 - Select your desired custom caption. For instance, <<Creation Date>>.


Your custom caption will appear as the markup caption.


You can also select multiple custom captions by typing and (…>> and <<…). Then, add the desired custom caption similarly.


Centre Coordinates

Adding “Centre Coordinates” to the Markup List is a helpful and practical technical detail that brings remarkable precision to workflows. This is invaluable for scenarios that require pinpoint accuracy, such as locating the exact centre of markups. Architects and engineers can ensure their designs are perfectly centred, contributing to better construction outcomes.

If you check your Markups List > Columns, you will only find your markups' X and Y coordinates for your markups or measurements. Remember, these are not centre coordinates.


To activate centre coordinates:

Step 1 - Go to Markups List > Columns > Manage Columns.


Step 2 - In the Manage Columns dialog box, check mark your X and Y Centre parameters at the end of the list (you can also drag your desired parameters to adjust their display priority in the Markups List).


Step 3 - You can now see your X and Y Centre coordinates in the Columns. Check mark them to make them visible in your Markups List.


You can now easily see your centre coordinates in your Markups List, which you can use in different calculations.


Studio Collaboration Improvements

Collaboration in Studio Sessions - Users who collaborate in Studio Sessions can now work more effectively even if they are not part of a Plan. They gain access to various tools, including colours, Stamps, Snapshots, Cloud+, and Highlight. This empowers project teams to interact more seamlessly and make real-time annotations and decisions. For project managers overseeing multiple teams, this is a significant efficiency boost. For example, a project manager can provide instant feedback on a construction drawing without being part of a formal plan, streamlining the design review process.

Nordic Standard Compliance - Bluebeam also demonstrates its commitment to global users by fully supporting the BEAst 3.0 Profile, which complies with the BEAst Nordic standard. This is a crucial development for architecture and engineering firms operating in the Nordic region, ensuring their documentation aligns with local standards and regulations.

What's Fixed: Technical Improvements and Issue Resolutions

  • Sketch-to-Scale Measurement Precision - In the previous version (21.0.40), there was an issue where Sketch-to-Scale measurements could not be moved to an exact position. This has been addressed in the latest release, ensuring that these measurements can be precisely positioned.
  • Enhanced Compatibility with Windows 11 - Users of Windows 11 who encountered slow typing in text boxes with virtualized webcam drivers enabled can now expect improved performance and responsiveness.
  • Word Plugin Printing Accuracy - The Word plugin had an issue in the previous version that resulted in misaligned text during printing. This has been rectified, ensuring your printed documents maintain accuracy and alignment.
  • Improved OneDrive Integration - Users experienced issues with the source folder option when using the Office Plugin in conjunction with OneDrive. The latest update fixes this problem, making the integration more seamless.
  • Font Editing Issues - Users recently installed the PT Sans font encountered difficulties editing text. This issue has been resolved, allowing users to work with this font without any hindrances.
  • Hatch Patterns Import - In systems with international settings using a comma as the decimal separator, there was a problem with importing Hatch Patterns (.PAT). This issue has been addressed, ensuring smooth import operations regardless of your system's settings.
  • Document Saving and Checking Out - Users previously encountered an error message stating, "The document could not be saved..." when attempting to save or check out a file. This issue has been resolved, providing a seamless saving and version control process.
  • Custom Column Display - Custom columns in the Properties Panel were partially cut off in the previous version. This has been fixed, and custom column data is displayed correctly and comprehensively.

What Does It Mean for AEC Project Managers?

For project managers, Bluebeam Revu 21.0.50 offers an array of advantages, such as:

  • The Multiply feature simplifies repetitive tasks and accelerates project timelines.
  • Custom Captions allow for more informative and organized documentation, making it easier to track project progress.
  • Improved Studio® collaboration tools ensure streamlined communication and real-time collaboration, reducing the need for lengthy email threads.
  • The BEAst 3.0 Profile compliance provides peace of mind, ensuring that projects meet local standards, which is critical for compliance and approvals.

Embrace Digitising Construction with Bluebeam and Brighter Graphics

Bluebeam Revu 21.0.50 brings a wealth of technical enhancements that cater to the specific needs of architects, engineers, and project managers. With features like Multiply, Custom Captions, Centre Coordinates and Studio improvements, this recent release highlights Bluebeam’s commitment to helping users boost their efficiency and accuracy in AEC workflows, making it an essential tool for professionals like you in the AEC industry.

For the best experience with Bluebeam Revu 21 and to harness its full potential, we recommend partnering with a trusted and reliable reseller. As a Bluebeam Platinum partner and the largest reseller in the UK & Europe, Brighter Graphics is your go-to place for all things Bluebeam. We curated an unparalleled library of resources for Bluebeam Revu, offering access to an extensive range of materials, such as Tips and tricks, Tutorials, How-to Guides, and much more, available to everyone. We aim to ensure our clients have all the right resources and onboarding support to concentrate on core areas of the AEC project.

*To access Bluebeam Revu 21, Studio, Cloud, and all the latest feature updates, upgrade your licence(s) to a Bluebeam subscription. If you have an Active Maintenance contract but are still using an older version of Revu, you can access the latest release at no extra cost. We can help you transition to a Bluebeam Subscription with dedicated support at each stage of your journey. Feel free to connect with Brighter Graphics for a subscription upgrade.

Check how to self-upgrade your perpetual licence to Revu 21 subscription.

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