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Bluebeam June 2024 Release

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Revu 21.2 - Discover What’s New

We at Brighter Graphics always focus on keeping you updated on what's happening in the Bluebeam world and the AEC industry. Now, we are excited to reveal the latest Bluebeam Revu Version 21.2, released in June 2024. 

Bluebeam continues to follow the trajectory of enhancing user efficiency and streamlining workflows with its innovative updates. In this blog, we provide a comprehensive overview of the latest Bluebeam release for June 2024. The new features and updates will revolutionise your document management and design review capabilities with Revu 21, ensuring a more precise and seamless desktop experience. Let’s discover the new features in detail.

Revu 21.2 - New Features and Updates

Watch the Step-by-Step Video Guide to See Revu 21.2 New Features in Action

Bluebeam has levelled up the Revu experience for desktop users by introducing features that focus on ease of use, efficiency, and speed. The new features are surely going to accelerate document management, annotation, and design review with Revu on the desktop. Let’s explore these new features one by one.

Tool Chest Search

The introduction of the Tool Chest Search feature allows users to search within their Tool Sets for specific markups efficiently. This streamlines the process of locating the exact tool needed for any task, saving time and improving workflow efficiency.

Hide Individual Markups

This is a huge update. Customers have been asking for this, and Bluebeam is now offering this new functionality. Now you can quickly surface and interact with markups obscured by overlapping elements. This feature enhances clarity and precision in your documents, making it easier to focus on specific markups without visual clutter.

Status Keyboard Shortcut

Enhance your productivity with the new keyboard shortcuts for Markup Statuses. This feature allows for the quick application of markup statuses directly from the keyboard, speeding up the review and QA process.

Export Markups Status Only

The new Export Markups Statuses (with author name and time stamp) feature enables users to generate more focused Markup Summaries by including only the statuses. This eliminates the clutter of the entire audit history, making reports cleaner and easier to interpret.

Auto Align Improvements

Experience significant improvements in the auto-align functionality (introduced in Bluebeam April 2024 Release), with performance enhancements making the process up to eight times faster. This means that alignment tasks are completed more quickly and accurately, boosting overall efficiency.

German Localisation

Bluebeam has significantly enhanced its German translation and improved support for metric units and ISO formatting. This ensures a more seamless experience for German-speaking professionals, making the software more accessible and user-friendly.

Revu in Virtual Machine (VM) Environments

Improved support for using Revu in non-persistent virtual machines offers greater flexibility for users operating in virtual environments. This enhancement ensures that Revu runs smoothly and efficiently, regardless of the virtual setup.

New PDF Units

Users now have the flexibility to create or insert pages using desired units, independent of the Preferences setting. This simplifies the process of working with different unit systems, making it easier to adapt to various project requirements.

Bluebeam Cloud: What’s New

Bluebeam’s aggressive focus on improving, enhancing, and levelling up its Bluebeam Cloud solution shows a trajectory toward a potential shift toward a full-fledged Cloud solution. With every new release, Bluebeam offers more features in Bluebeam Cloud that we previously used on desktop with Bluebeam Revu. The recent release comes with Studio Sessions in Bluebeam Cloud with greater control for Session Admins, simple measurements with a pre-set scale, and Studio Sessions for Bluebeam Cloud app for iOS (iOS App Version 1.15).

Web Sessions Administration

Users now have greater control over their collaborative efforts with the ability to”

  • Create and delete sessions
  • Invite and remove attendees
  • Add and delete documents

This enhancement simplifies session management and improves overall efficiency.

Simple Measurements

Create measurement markups within a web session on documents with a pre-set scale. The initial markup types include length, area, and basic count. This feature facilitates straightforward measurements directly in the cloud, anywhere or anytime. It enhances the accuracy and convenience of measuring within remote and collaborative environments.

Collaborate in Studio Sessions on iOS Devices

iOS users can now join Studio Sessions directly from their mobile devices without needing desktop access to Revu. This enhancement enables real-time collaboration, allowing users to view drawing updates and create/edit markups on the go. This ensures that project momentum is maintained from anywhere, enhancing flexibility and productivity.

What’s Fixed in Revu 21.2.0?

Decimal Characters in Markup Formulas

Resolved issues with decimal characters in markup formulas, ensuring accurate calculations and data integrity.

Word Plugin & Stapler Paragraph Spacing

Fixed problems with the Word Plugin & Stapler that were causing the removal of paragraph spacing. This ensures that document formatting remains consistent and professional.

Date and Time in Headers/Footers

Corrected errors related to adding date and time to headers/footers when Revu’s language is set to German. This fix ensures that date and time stamps are accurate and properly formatted.

Polylength to Arc Conversion

Fixed unexpected direction changes when converting Polylength to Arc, ensuring that conversions are precise and as expected.

Punchkey Import for CSV Files

Addressed Punchkey Import failures for CSV files created with different region settings. This ensures that data imports are smooth and error-free, regardless of regional formatting differences.

Custom Column Choice Importing

Resolved issues with custom column choice importing values from CSV files with different delimiters. This fix ensures that imported data is accurately and correctly formatted.

Content Shifting with Bluebeam PDF Printer

Fixed content shifting issues when printing to Bluebeam PDF Printer/Plugin via Revit for pages over 48" in width. This ensures that printed documents are accurate and maintain their intended layout.

Additional Improvements and Fixes

Various other improvements and fixes have been implemented to enhance the overall stability and performance of the software.

What Does it Mean for Users?

Whether you are an engineer, architect, or contractor, the new features will improve workflows across all tiers of the AEC industry, from document management to design review.


The new updates, particularly the improved auto-align and tool chest search functionalities, will significantly enhance engineers' workflow efficiency. The ability to export only the latest statuses ensures that engineers can focus on current project data without being bogged down by historical changes. This streamlines the review process and enhances project management.


Architects will benefit from the enhanced visual clarity provided by the hide individual markups feature. Additionally, the new PDF units and improved localisation for German users will make it easier for architects to work with a variety of measurement systems and languages. This ensures accuracy and consistency in international-scale projects, making collaboration seamless and more effective.


For contractors, the ability to collaborate seamlessly via mobile devices in Studio Sessions means that on-site issues can be addressed in real time, irrespective of time and location constraints. This keeps projects on track and allows for immediate problem-solving.

Bluebeam - The PDF tool for Construction : A Game Changer for AEC

The continuous improvements and fixes demonstrate Bluebeam’s commitment to providing a robust, user-friendly platform that meets the evolving needs of AEC professionals in the construction and design industry. The new update boosts efficiency and levels up the user experience by swiftly addressing user expectations from the market-leading construction management software solution.

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